Act11 is a Seattle-based non-profit dedicated to bringing young people into the pipeline of activism through fun, lively, all-ages events.

A hallmark of Act11 is a commitment to the principle that activism can be enjoyable, easy, educational and accessible to anyone. Our events feature a mix of local entertainers and activism-focused fun and games alongside meaningful, educational content from socially-motivated organizations. Act11 works in partnership with local charities, non-profits and political organizations to give attendees specific, actionable, and engaging opportunities to take positive action in their communities while building a love of activism that will last a lifetime.

About our team

Nathaniel Waggoner

Co-founder and Director of Business Development

Nathaniel is a long time nerd, musician and political junkie. He has played drums for 15 years and is excited to combine his musical passions with civic engagement and activism. He uses his experience leading software teams to keep Act11 focused on delivering fun, family friendly events and to try and welcome any and all who want to get more involved in their communities.

Jessica Jones

Co-founder and Director of Strategic Communications

Jessica decided when she was five that she wanted to save the world, and is still working on it. A transplant from the other Washington who somehow still can’t escape politics, she’s excited to use her propensity to yell at people about their grammar for a good cause. When not at Act 11 or her day job, she’s the person walking down the street reading an enormous book and not looking where she’s going. You know the one.

Brint Kriebel

Co-founder and Director of Operations

Brint is an unabashed geek and technology fanatic. He uses his background in development operations to manage the technical aspects of the organization and helps keep the business activities running smoothly. Brint also works in the Virtual Reality field as the Owner and Manager of SprocketVR and is an avid attendee of Seattle VR meetups and events. With any free time he can manage to find, you'll find him delving into one of his various interests including homebrewing, 3D printing, photography, hiking, and gaming.

Stephen Bird


Stephen is a passionate software engineer who loves trying new things. He has built multiple communities online and is dipping his toes into activism with Act11. When not programming, he can be found listening to music, enjoying a beer with friends or binge watching random shows.

Jason Cornell


Jason has spent the past 17 years working on becoming the older guy in the software office. Slowly this goal has started to come to fruition. Aside from growing older, Jason has a healthy mix of compassion for humanity infused with a pinch of get off my lawn. Jason is a proud husband and father who wishes for a long and prosperous future for his daughter and generations to come.

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